6 Unhealthy Drinks for Teeth

Everyone knows certain drinks are unhealthy for your blood sugar, digestive system, skin and liver. But did you know that they are unhealthy for your teeth too? Some drinks can lead to erosion of the gums or tooth enamel, as well as contribute to plaque or gingivitis.

Drinks can do significant damage

Brushing, flossing, and regular dentist visits are an important part of mental health, but diet can also contribute to the state of your teeth. What you eat/drink can negatively affect your teeth. Drinks are often the most overlooked because you don’t think of using your teeth to drink. But anything you drink does affect the health of your teeth. Here are drinks to avoid if you’re watching your dental health.

1. Soda

The carbonation and sugar in soda wears out your teeth and in extreme cases, can cause tooth rot. Carbonated drinks can cause digestive issues and disrupt the natural PH balance of your body’s chemistry. This can adversely affect your teeth because if more acid is produced than your body needs, it can lead to halitosis or gingivitis. The sugar in soda can also rot teeth, loosening them from the gums and sometimes even rounding their shape.

2. Coffee

Coffee can be harmful to teeth due to its acidity and dark color. Regularly drinking coffee can darken your teeth not only because the color of the coffee itself but also because the intensity of the acid wears off teeth’s enamel.

3. Wine and alcohol

Wine and alcohol often have sugars in it, which can rot your teeth or reduce the production of saliva in your mouth. Saliva reduction can lead to gum erosion and halitosis, as well as chronic dry mouth, a condition treatable with over-the-counter or prescription medications.

4. Tea

Tea is similar to coffee in that it can stain teeth. Though tea is not naturally sugary, many people add sweetener or honey, which can negatively affect dental health.

5. Juice

Though juice contains natural sugars, it is still sugar and can damage teeth and gums. Juice is also acidic, which can wear away enamel and lead to gum erosion.

6. Sports and energy drinks

Sports drinks like Gatorade or energy drinks like Redbull have the same concerns with sugar and acidic content as many other drinks on this list. High levels of sugar and acidity can wear away teeth, especially if these beverages are imbibed on a regular basis. Sports and energy drinks usually have added chemicals that can make them even more harmful to dental health.

Stick with natural, low-sugar drinks

The best drinks for teeth are natural and contain no added sugars or high levels of acidity. Water is the safest drink for all parts of the body, including teeth. And milk contains lots of calcium, which can actually help build strong teeth. What you eat and drink are an important part of maintaining dental health, just like diet and regular dentist visits.

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