At What Age Do Kids’ Teeth Fall Out?

When you become a parent, a handbook is never attached.  You need to know what signs to look out for and what age kids’ teeth fall out, this way, you can teach them how to help themselves feel better.  It is up to adults to educate all children when it comes to oral mouth health. Once they grow up, the circle will continue. Knowledge and education are keeping people alive longer.

When oral health wasn’t as highly regarded as it is today, say in the Middle Ages, adults would likely die in their mid-life (30-40), due to infections and rotting teeth.  People were no longer able to give their own bodies the proper nutrition to stay alive. This is why it is important to know what age kids’ teeth fall out. The more you know, the better you will be.

When it comes to kids, you need to keep in mind that they grow and learn at their own pace. It is enough horror when you watch your precious baby’s teeth grow in; as it is hard to see our children in unbearable pain.  Knowing the signs to watch out for can help you keep your child comfortable when they go through this stage in their life.

A child will grow their kid teeth until around four years old, during the ages of 6-12 a child will lose their first set of teeth and grow permanent teeth.  It is common for children between the ages of 6-12 to have a mix of permanent teeth and their first set inside of their mouth.

Losing teeth can certainly cause irritability; it hurts when your teeth fall out.  Your child may be cranky and achy, so be sure to have over-the-counter pain medication that is appropriate for children on hand and ready to go.

Signs Your Kids’ Teeth Will Fall Out Soon

  • Your child is complaining about mouth pain

  • The child seems easily agitated and cries

  • The child warns you about their loose tooth/teeth

  • It may be hard for your child to get a good night’s rest

  • When the child eats hard food, the child will complain that their mouth hurts

It is inevitable, all children will have to go through teething and then have to push through the pain of their own teeth falling out.  This stage can be tough for some, but as long as you reassure your child that this stage does not last forever and you do everything in your power to comfort the child, then your child should be comfortable.

You may have to deal with a crying child for a while.  It is never fun when a major change comes into our lives, sometimes it is, and other times, not so much.  Being a prepared parent can help you limit the pain your child will feel once their first set of teeth fall out.  

Lastly, you need to constantly educate your child how important it is to take care of their permanent teeth—as they will only get one chance.

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