Five Things a Cosmetic Dentist May Ask You

Cosmetic DentistWhen you schedule an appointment with our cosmetic dentist office, be prepared to answer a few questions.  There are so many ways to improve a smile now that it is important to gain a full understanding of what our patients love or hate about their smile. We can solve virtually all problems, but it starts with this basic understanding.  Believing in the importance of a customized treatment plan, here are some of the questions that we may ask:

How white do you like your teeth?  Everyone has a different idea about what shade of white is the “right” white.  For some patients, this is the brightest white they can possibly get while others prefer a more subtle shade.  There is no right or wrong answer so this is based on personal preference. We can show you samples so that you can determine which shade of white is the perfect shade for you.

Do you like the size/shape of your teeth?  Some people have teeth that are too large or too small for their frame.  This leads to the appearance of having “baby” teeth or “rabbit” teeth.  Both are problematic for a person’s appearance, and both can be fixed in our cosmetic dentist office.

Are your gums the appropriate size?  If your gums are too large, they can appear gummy. You will know if your gums are bigger than they should be if a large portion of your gums show when you smile, and your teeth appear shorter than they should.  We can perform a procedure to correct this problem so that the appropriate amount of tooth shows when you smile.

What do you dislike about your smile?  Make a list of everything that you don’t like about your smile and bring it with you to your consultation.  This can include things like a gap in between certain teeth, a tooth that is too pointy, stains, a cracked tooth, etc.  In many cases, we can address multiple issues with one procedure.  For example, dental veneers can restore a chipped tooth while covering dark stains and closing gaps.  By understanding everything that you don’t like we can identify procedures that address them in the least invasive, most time efficient manner.

What is your schedule like?  We need to know if you have any time constraints.  For example, if you have a busy work schedule and cannot take any time off we will plan for this when scheduling your appointments and look for procedures that have a minimal recovery time. Likewise, if you are on a deadline due to a special event or your dental insurance, we can plan for that as well.

In our cosmetic dentist office, we can transform your smile, giving your teeth the perfect shape and appearance. This takes time and careful planning.  To ensure that we give you the smile you have always wanted, be sure to communicate as much as possible.  We are your advocate, but we need to understand your goals in order to accomplish them.

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