How is Invisalign Made?

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Invisalign has become a popular teeth straightening option that utilizes a clear aligner that is almost invisible to others. While many understand what Invisalign is, have you ever wondered how it is made? Each Invisalign aligner is fully customized for each individual, and the process of making them is very intriguing.

How Invisalign is made

Invisalign is made of a flexible plastic material known as thermoplastic. The clear aligners are both strong and nearly invisible when worn on teeth, making them the ultimate teeth straightening option. The following is exactly how Invisalign is customized for each individual patient, from a dental impression all the way to wearing the Invisalign.

Dental impression

After both the patient and the dentist agree to Invisalign being the best form of teeth straightening treatment, the next step to how Invisalign is made. The first step is to take what is known as a dental impression of the patient.

A dental impression is a replica of the size and shape of your teeth, which is used to form the clear aligner. Along with the impression, photographs and X-rays of your teeth and face may be taken. The impression and other dental records are then sent to Invisalign, which delicately forms the clear aligners using dental technology.

The clear aligners take several weeks to make, at which point, they are sent back to the dentist and the patient is able to begin treatment.

Customizing the aligner

So, how exactly are the clear aligners customized to fit the patient's exact needs? The answer can be found in what is known as a 3D model. A 3D model is an accurate 3D depiction of the patient's mouth, which is formed using the records provided by the dentist, including the dental impression.

The 3D model can then be utilized to form the clear aligner. The clear aligner is designed in such a way that the teeth are slowly pulled into a straight position. In many instances, only several teeth are straightened at one time.

After the teeth become straight, a new clear aligner is designed until the entire mouth is symmetrical and all teeth are perfectly straightened.

Wearing Invisalign

Clear aligners are able to be removed, which means it is up to the patient to wear the Invisalign properly. Otherwise, the patient risks the Invisalign not working to its fullest effectiveness. Invisalign is meant to be worn for at least 20 hours each day, preferably 22 hours or more. This means that the clear aligners should only be removed when eating or brushing teeth.

Invisalign can be uncomfortable at first, so there is likely to be a temptation to remove the aligners. However, it is important to properly adjust to the aligners and continue wearing them regardless of discomfort.

With proper care and ensuring Invisalign is properly worn for the desired amount of time each day, Invisalign patients can see completely straight teeth in as little as one year.

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