Popular Laser Dentistry Treatments

Medical practitioners use lasers, which are high-precision light beams to modify or remove a small amount of tissue. Laser surgery is not restricted to dentistry, but many people who have undergone the procedure had never heard of it. Dentists use lasers for different procedures related to the interior of the mouth: to reshape the gums, reduce overgrown tissues or whiten teeth. Laser dentistry is also suitable for children with a form of dental anxiety.

Types of lasers used in dentistry

Dentists typically use two main types of lasers for treatment procedures: hard tissue and soft tissue lasers. These lasers have different wavelengths that make them suitable for cutting into the particular kind of tissue. It is effective because different tissue types absorb light’s wavelengths in different ways. By modifying the light’s wavelength or pulse, scientists have developed a way to manufacture lasers with light wavelengths that are suitable for the tissues in your oral cavity.

Hard tissue lasers

Hard tissue lasers are mainly used on the teeth. These lasers have the wavelength that can penetrate water and bone, especially the calcium phosphate that is a major component of the bones and teeth. These lasers cut into the teeth with high precision, removing a small quantity to shape the teeth or prime them for other procedures. Popular treatments that require hard tissue lasers include:

  • Cavity detection
  • Tooth sensitivity treatment
  • Cavity treatment (dentists use lasers to clean decay in a tooth and prepare the enamel for the filling material)

Soft tissue lasers

This type of laser uses a light wavelength that is easily absorbable by hemoglobin and water. Hemoglobin is a component of the blood, making soft tissue lasers suitable for gum-related procedures. Certain types of soft tissue lasers are diode lasers, which is a variety of continuous-wave laser.

These lasers are suitable for penetrating soft tissues and closing up exposed blood vessels concurrently. This is why there is less bleeding during laser dentistry and why healing is faster after treatments. Soft tissue lasers are excellent for cosmetic procedures because the results are mostly immediate. Popular treatments that use soft tissue lasers include:

  • Gum reshaping for a better smile — the lasers are used to reshape the gums and kill bacteria during root canal treatment
  • Biopsy or lesion removal — the dentist may use lasers to extract a small piece of tissue (called biopsy) for cancer examination; they can also use lasers to eliminate lesions on the mouth and alleviate severe canker pains.
  • Teeth whitening — lasers help hasten in-office whitening treatments; when the peroxide bleaching solution is applied to the tooth surface, the laser energy activates it, speeding up the rate of whitening
  • Lengthening crowns
  • Treating restricted tongue movement
  • Eliminating excess skin in soft oral tissues (often caused by dentures)

In conclusion

Regardless of the type of treatment you are undergoing — hard tissue treatment or laser gum surgery — you can count on a fast recovery time and a convenient procedure. Laser dentistry is an easy solution to many conditions affecting the oral cavity, whether it is complicated or cosmetic. If you are considering laser dentistry, simply contact your dentist for more information.

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