Reasons to Smile More and Visit a Laser Dentist in Woodbridge

Laser dentistry may seem like an innovation, but dentists have been using it since 1994 to correct many dental issues. Laser treatments are usually used to clean out tooth decay, gum disease and pre-cancerous lesions. They can also be used for teeth whitening and many other treatments.

Laser dentists primarily use advanced laser technology to conduct soft tissue surgeries, alleviate muscle and joint pain and perform teeth whitening. Laser technology presents the option of conducting dental procedures with less pain, faster healing, less bleeding and fewer medications.

How laser dentistry works

Laser technology provides concentrated energy to a region in the form of light. When used in surgery and dentistry, the laser works as a device to sever or vaporize any tissue touched by the laser. For example, if a laser is used during cavity killings, it heats the face of the filling, which hardens the bonding of the filling.

In other dental usages, laser technology can be used to deliver heat. For example, lasers are normally used on teeth bleaching procedures by enabling the bleaching agent with the use of direct heat.

Cosmetic dentists can use laser technology to minimize the appearance of a gummy smile. A gummy smile is a regular cosmetic problem where the gum covers a significant part of the teeth, making the teeth appear small and reducing the appeal of the smile.

Aesthetics of a smile

The aesthetic appeal of a smile depends on many factors, such as the shape and size of the teeth, tooth color, size and shape of the lips, and yes, the size and color of the gum tissues.

Cosmetic defects reduce the attractiveness of the smile, making you less willing to smile confidently when you are excited. In the case of a gummy smile, the situation may be caused by abnormal tooth eruption and jaw formation, and these issues need to be corrected to improve your dental health in the end.

Getting a new smile with laser dentistry

Dentists treat gummy smiles with different cosmetic dental procedures. With laser technology, they can sculpt the gum area to expose the tooth structure below.

Before commencing treatment, you will need to go for an initial consultation, during which x-rays of your tooth and jaw area will be taken to plan the treatment. They might also use laser technology to eliminate any bacteria present below the gum line before reshaping the area. The laser technology will also help sterilize the infected area.

Treating gum disease with laser dentistry

In some situations, the gum area may become inflamed because of gum disease. Laser dentistry is one of the most painless and practical treatments for gum disease. The laser technology is precise and can clean debris and bacteria hiding below the gum line. Failing to treat gum disease could cause severe dental issues such as tooth loss and gum recession.

Final note

Laser dentistry is generally safe, especially when used by a dentist qualified to handle laser dental treatments. To improve the quality of your smile, visit a laser dentist in Woodbridge today.

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