Should I go to the Dentist with a Cold?

When it comes to good manners and good self-care, should one still go to the dentist when they have a cold? Get the answer, and you’ll know what to do.

You can't always stop when you have a cold, and some days you can't even really slow down. Many people choose to power through their colds, no matter how bad they feel. But should they be going to the dentist when they have a cold, even if they feel up to it?

Should I go to the dentist with a cold?

How sick are you?

If someone is only feeling a little bit sick, then they know whether or not they have the stamina to sit through a dental appointment. They may be able to keep all of their regular appointments and keep up with their chores and work, even when they’re feeling ill. But if one is coughing or sneezing a lot, they may want to reschedule their dentist appointment. It would also be beneficial to reschedule the appointment if they’re running a fever, which can be an indication that they’re contagious.

The chances of a cold spreading to someone else at the dentist's office are fairly slim. Because of the various hygiene and sanitation standards already in place, people and instruments are thoroughly cleaned from patient to patient. This means your germs won't carry to others, but you still want to be mindful about keeping your sickness to yourself whenever you have a cold.

Good manners

Everyone has a busy schedule and a busy life to maintain, and you can't stop everything because you have a cold. That's understandable. Today's world is pretty fast-paced. But, it is proper form to reschedule your dental appointment even when you're just a little bit sick.

It's good manners to avoid other people entirely while you're sick, and that includes rescheduling a visit to the dentist or anywhere else. Even if someone is positive that they are no longer contagious, other people aren't going to know that and they're going to assume that may possibly infect them, too. This makes others uncomfortable and ill at ease.

Taking care of yourself

You should still take care of your teeth even when you're sick. Continue to brush, floss and use mouthwash to keep your mouth clean, and drink plenty of fluids to avoid dry mouth. Good oral care will help you feel better when you're sick and help you avoid future problems that result from not taking good care of your mouth.

When a person is sick, it's always best to stay home. One may not be able to skip out on work or certain responsibilities, but they can certainly reschedule a dentist appointment for a different week. Unless they are in severe tooth pain, then they can wait a few more days for that appointment. If one is in a lot of pain, call ahead to tell the dentist about the discomfort and ask them to just do what they can to stop the pain for now and schedule any extensive dental work for a future date.

Avoid the dentist when you have a cold whenever possible, and schedule your appointment for a time when you're feeling healthy and have the time to devote to good teeth care.

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