Snap-On Smiles FAQ’s

Snap-On SmileWhat is Snap-on Smile?

This is a multi-purpose restorative dental solution that does not require any type of invasive surgery. There is no need for drilling, needles or the cutting of current tooth structure.  Snap-on Smile fits atop current teeth yet it is removable. This dental solution is comprised of a special resin known as crystallized acetyl resin that allows it to be produced with a thickness as little as a mere .5mm. However, strength is not compromised as a result of this incredibly thin width. Snap-on Smile empowers patients to consume just about every type of food or drink without any sort of impingement to the gums.

How does the process work?

Snap-on Smile starts with taking an accurate impression of the arches and bite registration  The patient and dentist discuss shapes and shades to pinpoint the proper aesthetic. The patient's case is then transmitted to the Snap-on Smile team. It takes about two weeks to craft and ship the Snap-on Smile solution back to the dentist. It is well worth the wait.  Snap-on Smile really will transform your bland or flawed smile into one that is absolutely extraordinary.

Why is a crystallized acetyl resin used for Snap-on Smile?

Crystallized acetyl resin is much more durable compared to acrylic. Furthermore, this resin is less prone to staining. This is the same material used for heart valve replacements. Even NASA relies on this resin for use in its aircraft cabinetry. It is incredibly strong and polishes quite nicely.

Is Snap-on Smile available in different shades?

Yes. You can select between all sorts of color shades and smile designs. Lean on your dentist for assistance during this decision process to pinpoint the perfect color for unique aesthetic.

Is everyone a candidate for Snap-on Smile?

If you are searching for a low-cost cosmetic alternative that is not permanent,  Snap-on Smile is worth considering. Anyone who is fearful of the dentist, has medical constraints or desires instant gratification will find Snap-on Smile to be a quick, easy, affordable and comfortable smile solution.

Can Snap-on Smile be used for periodontal disease?

It is possible. A periodontal splint is used for mobile teeth with a fortification of the teeth being subjected to periodontal treatment. The splint is quite helpful as it empowers the patient to maintain optimal oral hygiene.

Is cementation or bonding necessary?

No. Neither is required for the success of  Snap-on Smile.

What foods and drinks can be consumed when wearing the Snap-on Smile?

Patients do not have strict dietary limitations when donning the Snap-on Smile. Yet most patients find it is ideal to begin with a fairly soft diet. Gradually work your way on up to harder foods and you will not experience significant discomfort. Give it some time and your Snap-on Smile will feel completely natural.

How long will Snap-on Smile last?

In general, this oral health solution lasts between three to five years. Provide the proper care and your Snap-on Smile might last upwards of half a decade or longer.

How about cleaning?

The Snap-on Smile should be cleaned after eating and prior to sleeping. Make use of a specialized cleaning solution such as the Snap-on Smile Ultrasonic Cleaner along with a soft toothbrush.

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