What Causes Painful Gums?

Painful GumsPainful gums are not just irritating but can be signs of other major health problems. There are various causes of painful gums. It is necessary to brush and floss your teeth properly to avoid these problems. Here are a few reasons why your gums may be causing you discomfort:

Canker Sores

Canker sores can develop anywhere in your mouth. Canker sores can even cause significant pain on your gums. They usually disappear on their own in two to three weeks. In case they persist and stay for long, give us a call as soon as possible.

Bad Hygiene

Not taking care of your oral hygiene can lead to numerous gum diseases. These diseases usually begin with bleeding in gums. The bleeding is due to plaque and tiny food particles getting stuck in small corners of your oral cavity. If the problem persists, the gums can even sustain damage.


Smoking nicotine-based products like chewing tobacco and snuff will not just destroy your overall health, but will also lead to multiple oral health complications such as cavities and halitosis.  These products can make your gums recede and cause sores to form inside your mouth. They can even lead cancer cells forming in your mouth.


The hormonal changes inside a woman's body can cause her gums to swell and make them tender and even painful. During puberty, the blood might rush to the gums and cause similar problems. Some women report suffering from painful gums during their periods.


Gingivitis is a gum disease due to poor oral hygiene. Gingivitis causes the inflammation in the tissues around the teeth. The inflammation may cause swollen and bleeding gums. If the disease progresses into chronic gingivitis, the gums shrink and the roots of the teeth face exposure. It may even cause the person to lose gum tissue and the bone matter around the teeth. This can lead to teeth falling out. They may not cause pain at first but if the problem becomes really bad the gums start to ache.


A sinus infection begins by affecting the lining of the sinuses, causing the lining to swell and experience inflammation. Thus, the patient experiences pain in the gums. The sinuses normally contain air, but due to the infection, they fill with fluid. This is where the germs grow and the infection spreads.

There are many other reasons why you might be feeling pain in your gums. Sometimes, the pain can result from minor abrasions due to braces. In other cases, the pain can be a sign of a much larger problem such as cancer. It is very important to go see your dentist if such a problem occurs. It is also crucial to not to miss out on your regular checkup to avoid these problems for as long as possible.

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