What is a Snap-On Smile?

Although the name makes it sound simple, and it is, there is a bit more involved with a Snap-On Smile than simply snapping a device on a person's teeth. It is much less invasive and time-consuming than other techniques to drastically improve a person's smile. But, there are a few steps that someone has to take. It typically takes two trips to a trained dentist to have the device applied correctly.

For candidates that are either looking for a quick remedy to have a pleasant looking smile or may not be a candidate for other techniques such as dental implants, then a Snap-On Smile could be the ideal fit!

What exactly is a Snap-On Smile?

The Snap-On Smile is an entirely non-invasive device that someone can use to “snap on” a great looking smile! It is removable and altogether painless for both creating and using the device. The device is custom-made for each person to fit over their teeth.

It gives patients the opportunity to have a great looking smile in absolutely no time. This is compared to other techniques that take multiple trips to the dentist as well as a long time healing and waiting. Many people who use the device compare it to getting dressed in the morning. It merely adds one thing to put on to wear for the day, and it gives a fantastic looking smile that anyone would be proud to show off!

What are some of the benefits?

One reason someone may choose this option is that it is much more affordable than more permanent options, such as dental implants or veneers. It has the same ability to hide misaligned, crooked and stained teeth as well.

It is excellent in mimicking natural teeth and is extremely tough and durable. They can be used both for upper and lower teeth, and to get the device will only require two short visits to the dentist. Patients have been shocked at the simplicity, ease and surprising results that the Snap-On Smile can give in such a short amount of time.

How does the process work?

After visiting with the dentist, they will determine if someone is a good candidate for the Snap-On Smile. Once this has been determined, an impression of the patient's teeth will be taken. This is to make a mold in the lab that will be used to create the patient's personalized set of teeth.

It typically takes two weeks for the Snap-On Smile teeth to be crafted and sent to the dentist's office. However, once they arrive, the dentist will show the patient how to use and care for them. They will also provide tips to ensure they last the longest time possible and do not become stained.

Have more questions about the Snap-On Smile?

If you have additional questions about the Snap-On Smile, do not hesitate to give our office a call. We are always happy to help guide patients to have the most information and knowledge possible in making their decision. Give us a call any time!

Request an appointment here: https://drkarbasi.com or call Lake Ridge Dental Care at (703) 651-1942 for an appointment in our Woodbridge office.

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