What’s The Difference Between CEREC and Traditonal Crowns?

Before we begin, what does CEREC stand for? The acronym means, Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics.  A CEREC and traditional crown are somewhat similar, you may need this type of dentistry procedure if you had a recent root canal, you are dealing with a broken tooth, or you have a cavity that is too enormous to be filled.

Traditional and CEREC Crowns

A crown basically is a protective layer placed on a tooth, which allows the tooth complete safety after a dental procedure. The good thing about a CEREC is that a dentist can place this on your tooth immediately after a procedure. With a traditional crown, chances are, you will have to make a second appointment, as this cannot be added to your tooth the same-day.

One major benefit a CEREC offers is that the material used is usually a block of ceramic, meaning, the only people who will know you have this, is you and your dentist.  A traditional crown is composed of metal as this is the strongest material, although crowns can also be made of ceramic, metal, porcelain, and resin. Ceramic materials are known to chip, so if you do decide to choose this type of crown; which is infused with metal, you may have to go back to the dentist for the same procedure at some point.

Benefits of Getting CEREC

  • This procedure does not take multiple visits, your dentist can add CEREC to your tooth/teeth in a single visit

  • It is usual for CEREC to be made with a block of ceramic

  • After your dentist administers this procedure you will not have to wear a temporary crown

  • You won’t need several appointments

  • CEREC is made possible by computer imagery technology, which ensures it fits perfectly in your mouth

  • The color also matches your other teeth superbly, unlike traditional crowns that stick out

Dentists Will Help You Find What Is Best For Your Situation

You may be tempted to choose the less costly procedure when it comes to your teeth, but we highly advise that you refrain from this type of decision, as you will end up spending more money in the long-term.  What you should really look out for is comfort and something that lasts for a lifetime, this way, you will not have to keep visiting your dentist for the same problematic spot.

Contact us now, so we can explain in-depth the differences between traditional crowns and CEREC.  If you are a good candidate for CEREC, than you should definitely choose this option as the process is less time consuming and blends in naturally. We take care of your teeth, so you can worry about your life.

Traditional crowns are sometimes needed, but with CEREC, you have other options when it comes to fixing up your teeth.  

Speak with Lake Ridge Dental Care today about your options.  Contact us now and soon your tooth that is giving you issues will be comfortably natural-looking.

Request a dental appointment here: https://drkarbasi.com or call Lake Ridge Dental Care at (703) 651-1942 for an appointment in our Woodbridge dental office.

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