Will Dentures Look Natural?

In the event of tooth loss, patients often have to worry about how restorations will affect their facial appearance. They desire an option that gives them a natural smile without making them look older. Fortunately, good dentures can satisfy this requirement and give patients a physical appearance.

What makes dentures look natural?

The dentist may develop a bespoke device that looks similar to your natural smile. With dentures, you can even have a chance to enhance the beauty of your smile and restore the normal functions of your teeth. If you dislike the appearance of your teeth, you can request for a denture that can make that correction.

When it comes to dentures, you need to participate actively in the selection process. If possible, ask a loved one to accompany you during your dental appointment to choose a suitable denture. This will ensure you get the best denture that looks natural and similar to the original teeth.

Good advice is to shun sparkling white teeth and opt for a color that appears a bit faded and natural. This will prevent you from wearing a fake denture smile. By being part of the process, there is a higher chance that you will be satisfied with the result.

Also, the materials used for making the dentures have many similarities to the visual characteristics of healthy tooth enamel. This ensures that the prosthetic device appears natural. The dentist will inform you about denture materials during your consultation.

When the dentist prepares a denture that fits your mouth, it should typically sit comfortably. This lessens the impact the denture has on your facial appearance. If the teeth structure has changed, you may need some time to get accustomed to it.

Every denture has an initial adjustment time, during which they might look or feel unnatural. It is common for dentures to feel wide in the first few weeks of the fitting. The lips may appear out of place, but not to worry, most people will not notice the difference. With time, the feeling will pass, and you may even forget their presence altogether.

If you feel the teeth look awkward and you think it is because of a wrong fitting, visit the dentist. Make sure you note the areas you are not comfortable with and have the dentist adjust to enhance the appearance and comfort. It is always evident when a patient is dealing with uncomfortable dentures.

One major concern for many new denture wearers is that the teeth might shift in public. With denture adhesives and dental implants, you no longer have to worry about that. The adhesive or implant will hold the denture securely in position and make your smile more confident.

How can you use this information?

Dentures do not have to look awkward or different. However, to keep them looking good, you need to take adequate care. They are not resistant to damage, and like your natural tooth, they can also get stained and discolored. Maintaining regular oral care hygiene will keep your dentures looking all natural and attractive.

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